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African Comedian & Humanitarian


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Comedy for a Cause


Leaving Your Print on Sierra Leone

It takes a special sort of person to do comedy in one of the poorest countries on Earth. 

Meet Thomas Foday - Comedian, film star and friend to the people of this poverty-stricken country. His Comedy Channel brings hope, heart and laughter to Sierra Leone, Africa. 

For the first time ever, Thomas Foday is now bringing his voice to the United States--to raise awareness for his humanitarian work. 


Comedy for a Cause

If you are searching for Hollywood-style entertainment, you're in the wrong place. Thomas Foday is a citizen of Africa's seventh most impoverished country in the world. He records his Comedy Channel on a Canon Rebel t5i -- the sort of video camera you might pick up at Walmart. 

But his show sows the seeds of laughter in the hearts of millions across Africa, and we are very proud to now bring his message to you.

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